1. Another weekend with the boys. 

  2. The never ending struggle to try and get Grover in the pool. 

  3. Fourth of July attire in Spokane.

  4. Spokane sunset… at 9:45pm. 

  5. Remy after his haircut.

  6. I am off work for the week and in Spokane, Washington to visit Caiti! I got here late Sunday night, so we weren’t able to do much then - but got up early Monday morning and headed to Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) for a hike and a day at the lake.  We dropped Remy (Caiti’s dog) off at a friend’s house and drove the 45 minute trek only to realize we both forgot: bathing suit, sunscreen, and a towel to sit on.  After spending time and money at a Nordstrom rack and TJ Max, we were all set and ready for the day.  We went on a ~3 mile hike along the water and got to watch people cliff jump, boats go by, etc.. and it was really nice.  Fun to escape the heat of Phoenix, I think it was 80 degrees yesterday - so awesome!  Then, we sat at the beach front on the lake and relaxed the rest of the day.  Did a lot of people watching and got some sun.  Headed home around 6pm and grabbed dinner in Post Falls, Idaho.  Called it a night and fell asleep immediately when we got back. 

    This morning we went for a walk to the park because Caiti doesn’t start work until 3.  Brought Remy (as you can see), and had a nice time enjoying the weather.  Headed off to watch the USA Soccer match here shortly.. Caiti goes to work, and I go to the golf course :). 

  7. Going through some old photos from when I was in NYC.  Took the time to walk down to the financial district to see ground zero and the new WTC.  Was kind of taken aback at how massive it really is. 

  8. Grumpy Cat v2.0

  9. At Papa’s house just hanging around! 

  10. Washington Monument at sunset.