1. My Aunt Cinda had us over for another year of Easter at her house and we had a great time.  I couldn’t help but to take pictures of her patio as she just bought a few new things and re-did the concrete.  She did such a good job - it looks like a patio that should be featured on HGTV! We were able to enjoy the 77 degree weather to wind down the night with the hammock and lounge chairs.  

  2. Golden Girl on Easter… so cute!

  3. Dave and Britney at Easter dinner!

  4. A day in the life.

  5. Papa’s 88th birthday!

  6. Pre - “Blood Moon”

  7. Took Lucy for a hike today because I hardly ever do anything on Sundays.  Here’s to more adventures and less sitting around.  

  8. Caiti was home for 20 whole hours this last week, but we made the best of it! One of her friends knew a guy who works at The Princess Resort/Hotel in Scottsdale and got us into the fancy spa for the day.  Got to sip on fruit infused water while sitting by a rooftop pool surrounded by palm trees - not a bad way to spend a Tuesday. Was able to take the day off work so it all worked out great! Made our rounds of favorite places to eat in Phoenix (Carolina’s, Grimaldi’s, and of course The Vig), and had a lot of fun! Sucks it was so short, but it was a good visit nonetheless.  

  9. True life: My roommate has a cat.  

  10. Can’t believe my grandma turned 97 today!