1. Demon.

  2. Dog portraits.

  3. So it’s national dog day… While I was at work, I decided that I would take Lucy to the dog park for the first time ever.  I called up my friend Clay and he grabbed Conor’s dog and we headed off to the park. Lucy was nervous, I think mainly because 500 other people had the same idea - take your dog to the dog park on national dog day.  It was fun, but I think we will need to head back when it’s not as busy.  This, of course, took place after I annoyed Lucy with my camera for a half hour.  

  4. BBQ with the boys to celebrate Ste’s departure back to Ireland. 

  5. After the storm.

  6. Another weekend with the boys. 

  7. The never ending struggle to try and get Grover in the pool. 

  8. Fourth of July attire in Spokane.

  9. Spokane sunset… at 9:45pm. 

  10. Remy after his haircut.