1. My friend Derek.

  2. I inherited a bunch of old camera’s from my grandpa, very cool to have - just need to figure out if and how I can use them!

  3. What a lil’ peach.

  4. A Day to Remember in Phoenix, AZ

  5. Went up to Flagstaff for Levi and Emma’s wedding this weekend with everyone.  The wedding was in Munds Park but we ended up staying in Flagstaff, so we headed up in the morning to make a day of it.  Clay and I decided to ride our bikes up Snowbowl mountain… probably won’t be doing that again any time soon. Was a fun time, but now back to Phoenix for the work week. 

  6. My dad is in better shape than I am.. but that’s ok I guess. The drive from Oklahoma to Lubbock was about as interesting as it sounds.  We passed about 600 cows and a few dead animals all while trying to stream NFL football games via my phone.  Going to catch a movie before the long work week !

  7. God’s Country.

  8. Big Girl.

  9. Visiting my dad in Oklahoma before I head off to Lubbock for work.  We were able to explore quite a bit today - make a stop at Fort Sill and drive around the city.  Also got to look at the restaurant he has been building the last year. Has certainly come a long way and it was great to see all of his hard work in person! Off to try to catch the ASU game somewhere and get some food!

  10. Demon.